IMG_3383_WebDemoMaster of Masters of Bartending, with a working background builded in more then 15 countries, in 4 different continents, with 700 students only in Italy and more then 3000 in the rest of Europe, is considered the most experienced trainer on international training and services markets. His fame is recognized and guarantee by international Companies and Brands of high value like

Bulgari, Jaguar, Ferrari, Dolce & Gabbana, Peroni, Calvin Klein, Rolex, Hogan, Heineken, Vodafone, BMW, Disney Productions, Zara, Illy, Tod’s, Wedgwood, Mercedes Benz, Publicenter, Loewe, American Express, Dunlop, Breitling, Benetton, Phillip Morris, Gucci, Moka d’Oro U.S.A, Cartier, Barclays Bank, Nike, Lavazza, Gianfranco Ferrè, Hp/Compaq, Ferrero, Nestlè, Segafredo, Salvatore Ferragamo, McDonalds Inc., Lavazza, ecc. …

that, entrusting during the years to his experience, guarantee and confirm his reliability and quality of services provided from Vincent Romeo. Borned in Madrid in 1968 and world-wide recognized in Bartending field, is uncontested pioneer and bearer of Bartending in Italy in the 90’s, first trainer on food & beverage to teach the moving of specific weight concept in Italy (now commonly called Freestyle/Flair) and inventor of “Commercial Bar®” studying system. He is known for being the definer of the most faster and technical of all the Bartending courses, that guarantee to convert into a professionist of bar/room/kitchen also people without any experience in food & beverage field.